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Behind The Scenes...

Princess Academy is the company that gives children and disabled adults the freedom to explore their imagination through play and adventure! 

We provide authentic character entertainment with use of song, movement, activites and games.
We provide the highest quality in costuming, wigs, make up and special effects to provide characters as real as you and I.

We believe in creating magical moments to last a lifetime whether its just 45 minutes or a whole day.

Princess Rebecca had dreams of creating a magical safe place after her auntie sadly passed away. Princess Rebecca started to reminice over the times they had spent together - her wonderful Auntie Jenny was kind, generous and often took her to a magical kingdom far away where a theme park full of wonder took her breath away... but what about all the children who couldn't visit this place because they were too sick or didnt come from a wealthy background? Maybe they werent able to travel or perhaps they were afraid? "Well, this just wont do," 

And so with a wave of her magic wand and a princess smile, she went on to found Princess Academy, where magic fills the air and dreams come true!

Princess Rebecca
Founder, Director, Performer

''Well hello everyone, I hope you're having a beautiful day! I am Princess Rebecca and I am the owner, Director and main solo performer for Princess Academy.


I spent many years as a professional actress and model; I have worked for many theme parks and events as a face character and also spent a long time studying musical theatre, acting, drama and English language and literature. I also worked for MENCAP supporting people with learning disabilities, engaging them in activities, aiding them in becoming more independent and dealing with everyday life.

I now spend my days as a Wig and Hair stylist when i'm not Performing and love to make wigs for other entertainment companies and drag artists.

Due to covid when i had to close PA temporarily I embarked on a new adventure and am now training to become a Veterinary Nurse, though since reopening have no plans on slowing down!
You can find me performing at London pubs and clubs as a singer and impersonator and of course running and performing for Princess Academy.


I want Princess Academy to be a magical place where dreams come true for everyone no matter their age, ability, background or budget and it truly is an inspiring and beautiful job.

I am 'friends' with 26 of our 42 and counting furry and royal characters and have quickly become known as the UK's BEST Fairest Princess and have an amazing team behind me of talented and motivated performers who take the reigns for characters i cannot cover myself. each has been personally selected by me to create the most magical experience possible.

Being friends with characters begins with the basics such as accent, mannerisms and looks and quickly transforms into every word you speak, every moment you create and and every smile you make. This job is a dream come true for all of us and I hope you choose Princess Academy because of our talent, passion and experience. we are not just some people dressed up, we are living, breathing magic makers inviting you into our world of enchantment, excitement and imagination.


I hope you find what you're looking for, lets make some memories together!


Magic and Sparkles,


Princess Rebecca"


Princess Bex
13346452_10153680114117934_8444593024939350772_n (2).jpg

Performer, Head of design, Seamstress and supervisor.
Princess Bex was hand selected to be a part of Princess Academy, not only for her impeccable talent to perform as Childrens characters but also for the phenomenal work she does behind the scenes...
Every dress, shirt, skirt, jacket, and shoe has been painstakingly stitched. 
Every fabric carefully selected, every button, every diamante, even down to every hand made and cast Resin jewels that adorn many of the costumes. 
Every character we have has been envisioned by the wonderful Princess Bex to ensure they look and feel as real as we are and her award winning sewing skills are something we cherish to provide the best costumes in the country!
Bex is also the general Supervisor for all cast members and helps in day to day running of the company including design of graphics on flyers and posters, to packing and sourcing party kits. 

Princess Bex has spent valuable time performing for many charities, including being friends with Children in needs Pudsey Bear. As well as performing for many entertainment companies up and down the country she also creates magical events with Derbys 'Tutbury castle' as well as performing and judging at many Comic Cons where she initially found fame for her excellent sewing skills. 
Take a look at our gallery to see more of her wonderful work both in and out of costume.

265495526_10159981835320746_7299116092860684184_n - Copy.jpg
Our Cast... 

There are many cast members here at Princess Academy, from Cake makers to Photographers, Performers and balloon twisters, face painters and tattoo makers, make up and beauty team, Dress makers, Singing coaches to wig makers, admin team and security, content creators to directors and trainers, Communications and more!

All of which we could not run without.
Running an entertainment company for children is exciting but exhausting and we thank every member of the cast for all they do for us no matter how big or small.

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