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When booking an event or appearance with Princess Academy the below policies must be adhered to.

Once a booking has been secured the below policies are automatically accepted by a Client once the booking form and payment are recieved.

Princess Academy cannot secure your booking until the deposit has been paid or a member of staff has put in writing otherwise.

Currently accepted payment methods are BANK TRANSFER or PAYPAL. All remaining money for your event must be paid no later than 5 working days before the event date. Please note to secure all bookings Princess Academy require a £50 non refundable deposit before we can schedule your event. Failure to adhere to the above rules will result in cancellation. Any monies are and will be declared to correct bodies of authority and all payments are logged for Princess Academy's own interests.



We require that the cast of Princess Academy are the only entertainers attending your event. We have specific values we hold and do not want to risk the potential lower quality service of another company reflecting on us. However, we are happy to work alongside other activities and can recommend soft play, face painters, party bag providers and more.

Once a booking and deposit has been taken, if the client cancels an event for any reason, Princess Academy retains the right to keep the deposit which is non-refundable. If Princess Academy feels they have no option but to cancel a booked event, this will be done so any time up to 72 hours beforehand. Princess Academy reserves the right to keep reasoning confidential unless it is beneficial to the booking party. In either case, we will happily work with you to reschedule your booking if applicable. However, if we fail to deliver your party based on a problem on our part, we will do our best to either reschedule or issue you a partial refund. Also, please understand that we require a safe environment for our performers. If for any reason our performers arrive and feel unsafe at the provided environment, they have the right to leave. They will notify us and we will discuss the situation. In this circumstance, it is possible that no refund will be given.


There is a remote possibility that we may need to reschedule your appearance in the case of extreme circumstances. We reserve this right, but will do our upmost to work with you to find a mutually agreeable new appearance.



Our entertainers love to perform in the fresh air! Please make sure that there is plenty of cool shade in the summer months in order to protect our performers as they may be wearing heavy costumes. While water pistols are fun in the summer, please make sure that your guests don’t get our performers wet.  In the case of rain, please ensure that you have an indoor alternative as our performers are unable to perform in inclement conditions.



Our perfomers are children’s entertainers and NOT child carers or child minders. Therefore, you must make sure there is suitable adult supervision at all times whilst our cast are performing. This is especially important for toddlers (ALL children under 4 years old) who MUST be supervised at ALL times by an adult (NOT an older sibling) for their safety and the safety of others.



An adult must be within sight and hearing range of the event at all times. We require that all guests at the party be respectful to the performer. If at any time the performer feels uncomfortable because of the behaviour of those present, they will stop the party and leave with no refund. Ill behaviour includes (but is not limited to) harsh or cruel comments, verbal or physical threats or violations, the use of alcohol or drugs, smoking in the vicinity of our performer, unwanted touching or advances, disrespecting of costumes or performance, physical or verbal abuse of children or the display or use of weapons. An unsafe atmosphere violates our agreement and we have no obligation to continue the party. Princess Academy reserves the right to refuse service to anyone. We want to promote a fun, wonderful, magical atmosphere – the safety and comfort of our performers is paramount. Our Running order of games, activities and photo opportunities may change subject to the childrens abilities, this may mean our games are shortened, lengthened or changed for the appropriate audience and we will try our best to create games and activities that are accessible to all abilities and ages.

If you are planning on hiring soft play or inflatables (including bouncy castles) alongside Princess Academy, this will need to be tidied away before our party session can take place in order to minimise noise and distractions.


Princess Academy is not responsible for any damage, injury or other accidents that may occur while on site. We are not responsible for allergic reactions that may be caused by elements at the party. A supervising adult is required for the care and management of all children present. As a client, you will be financially liable for any damage incurred to our party assets while we are on site at your location. This includes the performers’ costume and any additional materials. When you complete the booking form, you are agreeing to provide a safe environment for party guests and the performer. Princess Academy are not liable for Gifts, prizes or any additional materials presented to children at our events once they are in their possession, any damage, breakage or wear on such items is down to personal use and not our responsibility, for any concerns please refer directly to the manufacturer .

Any photography taken at a Princess Academy event MUST be cleared with every parent/persons present. This includes any mobile phone images, videos and photography taken by other companies that may be present at the end. If any photography is used with permission, Princess Academy will always contact clients to gain permission to use these images first before anything is published online or otherwise. This includes images the client has for personal use, professional use or outside companies. If you have paid for a photography or filming add on the package will include 15 images or your choice ONLY and a short film if included in the package. More images are available at an additional cost. Please note that images are sent using Dropbox which you will need to sign up to in order to receive the files. If there are guests who do not wish to be included in these images, please contact us first before we shoot on the day to prevent further editing costs. Our photographers own the rights to all images taken on the day and are freelance working alongside Princess Academy.  We do not have any rights to these images unless put into writing by the photographers themselves.

It is not the intention of Princess Academy or any companies affiliated to violate any copyright laws. Princess Academy entertainers are NOT name brand copyrighted characters. Princess Academy entertainers are generic and We can only accept bookings from individuals who are aware that we DO NOT represent any licensed character. If you are requiring a licensed, copyrighted character for your event, you should contact the license holder.

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