Princess Academy proudly presents:

Princess Academy Live!





Princess Academy now have 6 live shows to choose from for your party, event or celebration!

each show is themed and includes 5 characters to love and enjoy.

with singing, interactive storytelling, games and activities, there is so much fun to be had for your little ones to enjoy. Choose from the shows below and book today!

Birthday wishes

woodland harmony

Ocean Suprise

This show is perfect for parties and events,

Its our Nordic Princess's Birthday and her sister the Ice Queen has a magical gift for her! watch her wish for all her closest friends with her new Magic Wishing necklace! and see her learn what it truly means to be a princess.


lots of mini games, interactive story and guest involvement in this fabulous show.

This show is great for School visits, garden parties and outdoor events,

Learn all about the environment with our nature princess and how to protect it, through song, dance and crafts.
she is joined by her favourite fairytale friends who help her along the way,
our apple princess loves to talk about the animals, our Scottish princess sings about the great outdoors and our tower princess longs to be free.


 This show is brilliant for beach parties or ocean themed events.

Join of our Beautiful Mermaid princess as she takes you for a wonderful trip through Atlantica to meet some friends Including the Polynesian princess! but hang on! theres a storm coming! find out how to restore the heart of the ocean and bring peace to Atlantica once more.

Gifts, games and fun!

£400 2 Hours
£400  2 Hours
£200 1 Hour

wiggling in wonderland

     Fairy Olympics


This show is great for very little ones (0-3)
meet all the creatures of wonderland and join them in making music for all to hear.

Lots of interaction with musical instruments, toys and parachute play for tiny tots.

Follow our Green fairy to Fairy land where she will teach everyone her favourite fairy sports and see who will win the fairy Olympics!
This show has a lot of guest involvement, games and sports to try, particularly fun for both boys and girls who love competition!

This show is great for all those who want to be a real life superhero! for schools and fayres and parties.

Join all your favourite super heroes as they save the day, learn how to fight crime the safe way and save your kingdom from the baddies!

(Contains mild peril throughout)

£250 2 Hours
£450 3 Hours
£600 3 Hours