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Furry Friends Packages

Princess Academy proudly presents, our Furry Friends packages!
enjoy meeting, making things with and playing with your favourite furry characters, 

with the help of our popular hosts we will guide the children and our furry friends

through dance-a-thon, arts and crafts, games and more!

Bronze Package:

45 minutes
-1 Furry Friend
-1 Party assistant
-Meet and greet

-photo opportunities

-birthday cake celebration


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Silver Package:

1 hour
-1 Furry Friend
-1 Party assistant
-Meet and greet
-Photo opportunity
-Interactive storytelling
- dance-a-thon
-Parachute game
-Wish making
-Birthday song

Gold Package:
1.5 hours
-1 Furry friend
-1 Party assistant
-Meet and Greet

-Photo opportunity
-interactive story


-2 action packed games

-colouring and crafting

-Balloons or Glitter tattoos
-Wish making
-Birthday song
-please note our furry friend will perform for 45 minutes then take a 15 minute break whilst the host provides colouring and crafting and glitter tattoos, then perform again for 30 minutes



For information on all games and activities, please send us a message. 

Our craft activities range from icing cookies to decorating bird houses and beyond!


To add an extra character to any package: £80
To Add an Extra Activity to any package £50
To add 15 Party Bags to any package £50

All packages are inclusive of up to 15 children, to add more guests prices will increase to provide enough materials, prizes and ensure safety of children at all times.


Please note TRAVEL CHARGES will apply and vary dependant on the location of your event.​


Please note to secure all bookings we require a £50 non refundable deposit before we can schedule your event. we also require all moneys to be paid in full no later than 24 hours before the event, failure to do so will result in cancellation.

For all bookings that exceed £200 half the final balance must be paid as a Non Refundable Deposit.

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