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Your thoughts & thank yous...

Thankyou so much my daughter has not stopped talking about the show, she loved meeting the Nordic Princess and has not stopped going on about having the same birthday!

(December 2019)

Thankyou for a truly magical experience. it was an emotional experience for everyone and they had a fantastic time. thankyou cant wait to send you some photos of the day!

(November 2019)

we came to your halloween show, kids absolutely loved it! thankyou for a special afternoon.

(October 2019)

Amazing amazing amazing my kids loved the glitter tattoos and the games, really fun party, catered to both boys and girls and everyone left with a prize!

(September 2019)

 *Breaking News* A Review To Be Utterly Proud Of. Princess Academy, what can I say that hasn't already been said by others?
Rebecca is my Girlies god-mother, they call her Auntie Snow.
She and all her other princesses show so much care and attention to all their clients, whether it be a large scale public event, or a small scale childs party.
Through all that has been in the media at the moment and the struggles Rebecca has had to face both in the past and currently, she soldiers on regardless. How anyone could refuse this service is beyond me. I fully support the LGBT community and think we should have more princesses that are willing to include the community in their business.
Rebecca and the company treat all their clients as equals, regardless of race, ability, social background and financial position.
Wether you are rich, poor, blind, visually able, black, white. Wether your parents are same sex, or opposite sex, this company treats everyone the same.
I am proud to call Rebecca family, and her Princess Academy is just like an extended family of ours.
The Best Experience A Mini-Royal Can Get!
A million stars for this well deserving company and all her staff behind the scenes and not. ''

(August 2019)

We had a absolutely amazing time having Cinderella and sleeping beauty over for our baby shower and a special treat for our daughter it’s not the first time we have had princess Academy over certainly will not be the last absolute amazing children and adults enjoyed them self very much my little girl is also drinking from a cup as sleeping beauty needed to give her bottle to the fairy’s best way to get rid of a bottle absolutely 5 star service

(July 2019)

The Princess Academy went above and beyond for my daughters special 5th magical princess tea party. It was better than my wedding day! Throughout the whole afternoon it was beautifully structured, managed well when it didn’t quite go to plan because of the rain the girls kept in character the whole time, worked so so hard and kept the children engaged at all times. Was the most beautiful gift they could have given my daughter and her friends. True professionals and Rebecca is such a talented passionate woman. I can’t wait to book the next one. They do adult services too! we will remember that day forever. Rebecca kept me well informed about organisation, run down of the day, extras she arranged and thoughtful ideas tomake it that much more sparkly on the day. Incredible.

(June 2019)

 I was trying to find some entertainment for my daughter first birthday and I came across the princess academy and not only did they reply right away but they were so patient with me and my millions of questions and helped me pick the right package.
On the day all I can say is wow I was blown away by the team the princess was so in character and the smiles in the kids faces made it all worth it. I would definitely be using their services again and recommending them to my friends and family''

(May 2019)

Rosie had the best time yesterday! the tower princess was great, so engaging even making the adults want to join in(making wishes - i hope ggeorge clooney better be on the way!) from booking to the day was easy and stress free, would highly reccommend thankyou, Jo (April 2019)

Was lovely to see familiar faces again at yet another party, also some  new princesses we hadnt met before, amazing as always!

(March 2019)

we had such a fabulous time, you were AMAZING all the kids were so excited to meet the fairy and we got to enjoy seeing them happy (February 2019)

 my daughter was absolutely starstruck, had a fantastic time, thankyou we appreciated thoughtful touches such as helper getting the iron man tattoo for the iron man guest, im sure shell be talking about her party for a long time. (January 2019)

Thankyou so much. my daughter is fast asleep now after such a fun day i cant wait to post photos of the day.(December 2018)

Thank you for a brilliant party for my 5 year old daughter today. We had the bunny come to visit us to play some lovely games, help us with some colouring , for photographs and to give us some glitter tattoos. All of the children had a wonderful time. (There were 30 of them!) I particularly loved the original party games you played with everyone and the fact that some of the games were quiet and didn't involve too much running around. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. Thank you again! (November 2018)

(October 2018)

"I thought the party was excellent, all the children loved it and had such a great time. All the parents were asking me the details etc, we were all so impressed at the wayfinding Princess, she looked EXCELLENT! The party flowed and captured the attention of the children. thankyou so much for making my daughters special day" ~ Clare (September 2018)

" WOW!!! what can I say other than thankyou! thankyou thankyou thankyou for entertaining our children for my daughters 3rd birthday. to see Isabella gobsmacked and speechless at the age of three confirmed, booking yourselves was the best decision we made. I highly recommend you to everyone now; you were patient, kind, loving to all the children, patient, organised and kept their attention the whole time. There was a wide spread of ages for you to cover and you took it within your stride. It was an EXTREMELY hot day yet your Rabbit just stayed...rabbit like! 100% great quality, excellent value for money and exceeded my expectations. thankyou once again xxx" ~ Rebecca (August 2018)

"Absolutely amazing, highly recommend you, you were amazing and the children loved you especially the birthday girl, thankyou" ~ Ruth (July 2018)

"Thankyou so much Princess Academy for sending such amazing princesses, Nivana loved putting hair bows in the highland princesses hair, even if she did say she felt like a Christmas tree! The tower princess was busy doing hair make overs, even the team had their hair done with Vikki opting for Glass slipper hair and Ally sporting a Nordic princess do! your green fairy was busy making children giggle and giving them fairy wishes. the mermaid princess swam down for some fun and the storm trooper kept a watchful eye on the party! It was truly amazing to have such fun and sauthentic princesses who adapted perfectly for children of all ages and abilities and made every one of them feel special." ~ Vicki Post Pals Charity (June 2018)

"Oh my god I am feeling over the moon, you exceeded my expectations at an event I came to last year and again this time. I am so so thankful. youre a great company and ive just started a blog a few months ago so will be recommending you quite a bit. thank you." ~ Heena (May 2018)

"What an incredible party it was! All the children loved it, my child left there absolutely delighted. Thankyou so much ladies; you were patient, accommodating and SO MUCH FUN!!! it was everything I hoped forand more" ~ Sacha (April 2018)

"THANKYOU! thankyou so so much, you have done an amazing job, the kids loved it so much! I will never forget Gracies face when she first saw him priceless, I will so be recommending you to anyone and posting a great review, thanks again BRILLIANT!" ~ Dave (March 2018)

"You were amazing at Robins baptism at the weekend, I highly recommend you, we had such a fab time with our special guest Rabbit. kids absolutely loved it! thankyou so so much! ~ Katrine (February 2018)

''Oh my gosh, where do I start? Thanks ever so much to you and the ladies. The Feedback from parents and children was that this was the best part of the day. They thoroughly loved having you all there.
Thank you ever so much for making one little girl really happy, it was very much appreciated. The interactive sessions and individual interactions with the guests were fantastic. I cant stop saying thank you :)'' ~ Maryann (January 2018)

'Thanks a lot, all the Princesses were amazing...they stayed in character the entire daughter and all the adults loved fact they created so much buzz in the party interacting with the kids and the guests...simply amazing! a BIG thanks!!! XXX'' ~ Nazrana (December 2017)

'You guys are so amazing, you made Mythilli's day! thank you so so much, so excited and cant wait to see the photos. Mythilli was over joyed!'' ~ Dushani (November 2017)

''It was so MAGICAL for the little ones. I smiled throughout watching my two girls smiling. They were in awe of you all and just kept wanting to go round talking and hugging the Princesses. They had a fantastic time. thank you and well done.'' ~Michelle (October 2017)

''My little girl absolutely loved you, her favourite was the Tinker fairy, she was non stop talking about her for days, cant wait for the next show!'' ~ Joanna (September 2017)

''such an amazing experience for my little girl, she loved it. I loved it just as much as she did, you guys are doing a great job thank u'' ~ Heena (August 2017)

''Was really good, so worth the money and kids had sooooooooo much fun, thanks'' ~Rachael (July 2017)

''Thankyou for your mermaid and book princess, my girls were so disappointed when we couldn't meet them in paris this summer, they had a great time and we are already planning our next princess play date, even my youngest had fun too!'' ~Emma (June 2017)

''A HUGE thankyou for a truly magical morning at the princess tea party. we had a fabulous time, all the staff involved were amazing. my little girl had a wonderful time, all the little details like the golden cups and princess punch juice, the crafts and all the amazing gifts that we purchased, I wont be hesitating to book a party in the near future'' ~ Tracy (May 2017)

''5 stars! I highly recommend this company for fantastic parties and 'REAL' princesses!'' ~Vikki at Post pals charity (April 2017)

''Had my daughtyers forth birthday with these guys and they are absolutely fantastic they kept me updated with information on what the itinerary was for the day, booking was simple and they were great with kids, looked fabulous very professional and polite and all round lovely group of performers I will definatley be booking again, highly reccommend'' ~Clare (March 2017)

''Thankyou for making my daughter so happy she has a lovely time and I will recommend you to everyone I know!'' ~ Laura (February 2017)

"The most amazing company, so professional, always affordable, always a pleasure to see. We have had over 5 visits from Princess Academy, from glamour parties, princess parties, 1-1 visits; every time my Ellie has had the best time... what are you waiting for? Go check the site out for your princess because my little princess LOVES them xxx" ~ Kelly (January 2017)

"Hi Rebecca, we wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for a fantastic afternoon, we've seen quite a few Princesses at events but your team were Outstanding! We've just returned from Orlando last week and it was like being back there, thank you again!" ~ Raj (December 2016)

"Ellie would like to thank Princess Academy for giving her a Christmas party, of course it was amazing the children were fully entertained in the form of singing, making Xmas tree decorations, arts and crafts, lots of glitter, story telling, making snow and much more, you have truly made Ellie's christmas wishes come true, thankyou so much." ~ Kelly ( December 2016)

"Thank you for making my little girl's birthday so special, we had the most amazing day with you and everyone went home happy, thank you so so so much" ~ Carolyn (November 2016)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you SO much! for Demi's 4th Birthday today! Her dream of meeting the Sleepy Princess has come true, she was brilliant, interacted with all the children amazingly and kept them all entertained from the moment she got there until the end." ~ Terri (October 2016)


"Perfect! Couldnt have been better! This Princess obviously enjoys working with children and adults alike, totally believable, she played the part so well! - or was she the real thing?!! Apple Princess, you ARE the best, Thank you for being you, would book agin and again." ~Ellie (November 2016)

"Wonderful and truly inspiring time, making wishes come true, huge love and thank you to Princess Academy and Noah's Ark Childrens Hospice for this opportunity." ~ Christopher (October 2016)

" Thank you for a lovely party, our second party with Princess Academy, all the girls had a fab time especially the birthday girl" ~ Kellie (September 2016)

"Amazing experience with Princess Academy, Recommend to everyone, so professional and affordable, the Ice queen came to help my princess learn to use her inhaler" ~ Kelly (September 2016)

"Thankyou to the ice queen, beauty, tower princess, archery princess at waterstones, you were amazing!" ~ Randeep (March 2016)

"Al I can say is wow!!! I am completely overwhelmed by this afternoon. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to each and every one of the princesses."  ~ Suzanne Wright (January 2016)

"Ellie would like to thank Princess Academy for giving her a Christmas party, of course it was amazing the children were fully entertained in the form of singing, making Xmas tree decorations, arts and crafts, lots of glitter, story telling, making snow and much more, you have truly made Ellie's christmas wishes come true, thankyou so much." ~ Kelly (December 2016)


"Thank you so much for coming along for Naimah's birthday. She had such a lovely time and the visit from the Ice Queen made her birthday so magical!"                              ~ Kat David (September 2015)


"Thank you for a wonderful time at the Princess Ball, Gracie thought it was amazing and polished her tiara as soon as she got home!"

~ Liz Tubb (August 2015)



"Amazing! Our visit from the Lost Princess absolutely made my daughters day. Would highly recommend to any Princess fans out there."                                                             ~ Denise Gilbert (July 2015)



"Thank you so much for your appearance - the two of you were wonderful and the kids totally loved seeing the princesses in real life! You really made the party into something magical and fun that they'll remember. Feel free to use this as a testimonial as I can't recommend you guys enough.***** 5 stars!"

~ Nicole Goodwin (July 2015)



"Thank you to The Ice Princess for making my little princess's day... You made her birthday magical and a great time was had by all.... Thanks again x"                                                  ~ Lisa Ward (June 2015)



"Well, what an experience... You made a little girl's wish come true. We love you all so much and can't wait to see you all again - truly amazing and we feel so blessed xxx"          ~ Laura Majko (May 2015)



"Thank you to all six of you for doing a magnificent job of entertaining the 60 children who came for 3 hours! The bespoke itinerary you put together was amazing! I've received so many lovely compliments about the party. People were bowled over by the stunning venue, and authentic princesses. I even had friends ask me if you had come from America! They said thank you to me for giving their children the wonderful opportunity to meet their idols in real life! Honestly, it was so magical, and special - a dream come true for all, and the parents enjoyed it equally as much as the children! It was out of this world! So once again a big thank you all the team for making it extra special. Love Princess Caroline. xxx"

                                                                   ~ Caroline Mantle (April 2015)



"Hi, you came to visit my little girl at Haven Children's Centre; she adores the film and was so excited about your visit as the Ice Queen! Poppy now has her own snow sister dress ups! x"        ~ Julie Garrett (December 2014)


"OMG! I can't even find the right words to say how FANTASTIC The Ice Queen and Nordic Princess were! It was such a magical time, even better than promised. From start to finish you truly made Sharnae's day special and all of her friends. Sharnae summed it up for me when she came and gave me a big hug and said 'Oh mum, thank you for getting the princesses to come to my party! This is the best day ever!' I think that says it all. My husband is going through the photos and I will definitely be putting some online and can't wait to give you feedback. Once again, my sincere thanks to you and Princess Academy for making a little girl (and family) VERY happy. Much love to you all x" ~ Darcy (November 2014)



"Hi, thank you so much for coming - it was brilliant and Imogen loved it. I would rate you 10 out of 10 for service - great communication and you catered to everything I asked of you. The character was completely believable - I particularly loved the storytelling and tying in other adventures like Tarzan. I thought it  was great - only thing that could be better was perhaps moving around more with the dancing but I think that was due to the space in our conservatory and is not a criticism of you. I will upload some photos and tag you on them so you can see them and will happily share your Facebook page with a recommendation. Many thanks once again."                                                                  ~ Sorrell O' Sullivan (October 2014)


"The best part about the party was the look on the children's faces!

Nothing could have been done better, Cinderella was fabulous.

10 out of 10 and we are glad you can make the 15th November for another party - we will message you when we have discussed which princesses my daughter wants!"                                   ~ Gemma Wilson (September 2014)

"A massive thank you to the Princess Academy! The Ice Queen was fantastic and made my little girl's 6th birthday so magical. She is still wearing the bracelet she made with the Ice Queen and wont take it off! Thank you again! xxx"                                               ~ Nicola Thorpe (august 2014)


"Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for making my little girl's birthday so special, she loved every second of her party and she keeps talking about meeting the real Snow Sisters which makes me happy that we was able to make this a dream come true so thank you! I'll definitely be back to use you again, thanks!   ~ Daniel Heany (July 2014)


"Hello! I just wanted to write a quick note to say how amazing it was to have the beautiful Lost Princess attend the COSMIC Walk at the weekend. The adults and children alike were mesmerised at the wonder and magic that Rapunzel brought to the event.

Princess Academy provide an incredibly authentic, professional service. I will certainly be in touch again, booking more wonderful characters. The smile on my daughters face when she met and spent the day with her favourite princess was simply priceless.

Thank you for a wonderful day. 5 stars *****"            ~ Emily Murray (June 2014)

"We had a very lovely afternoon with The Ice Queen! Although my daughter was quiet, she had a great time and cannot stop talking about her visit. Thank you so much, you have made her year! I totally recommended these lovely princesses to make your little ones birthday or party that extra bit special xxxx"               ~ Emma Hamer (may 2014)



"Hiya, I would like to say a massive thanks to Princess Academy and in particular Princess Rebecca who attended my cousin Emily's 4th birthday party as Cinderella!!! She was so excited to see her princess idol and Princess Rebecca kept a group of 20 children thoroughly entertained and happy for 2 hours, and spent some special one on one time with the birthday girl as an added bonus which made her birthday so very special."                                                       ~ Aimee Siou (April 2014)



"Myself and the child's parents are so grateful for the wonderful professionalism and authenticity the princess provided and truly believe this birthday will be one all the children (and all their parents), all cherish for the rest of their lives.

Well worth booking and worth EVERY penny!!!

Many thanks xxxxx" ~ Maxine (March 2014)


"An absolutely amazing day made that bit special by the unquestionable professionalism offered by Princess Academy.
Each and every single child (and even some adults) really bought into the idea of a princess actually attending our party, a testament to the realism provided by your princess. A complete package and well worth the cost which is more than a fair reflection of the day, 100% recommendation. They took complete control of 20 kids and captured their imaginations with well thought out games and activities, engaging children of a variety of ages with conversation pitched at just the right level. All I can say is; Thank you Princess Academy."                                                                             ~ Lynford Hall (February 2014)

"A big thank you to the Ice Queen for helping make our Princesses and Pirates day extra special for families!" ~ Richard House Hospice (January 2014)


"Amazing meet and greet with the Ice Queen for my daughter this evening! I would recommend Princess Academy to anyone, brilliant. Thank you Princess Academy for our visit this evening xxx" Eva (December 2013)

"Thank you for a magical day!! The Snow Sisters were amazing and the girls were overwhelmed to have them at the house. Marcie had a perfect birthday x so I'm a very happy mummy x   ~ Kelly Brownlow (November 2013)


"A big thank you to The Lost Princess for visiting the Haven Nursery! I can't wait until Princess Academy makes a visit to Haven again; the children will be so excited! You made the last visit so amazing and magical. Date to be confirmed ASAP and we'll be in contact soon to work out the final details. I'm so happy you could fit a date in to return!                                                             ~ Carol Couzens  (October 2013)

We enjoy picking out our favourite comments of the month and regularly upload these for you to read!

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