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Simon Newton

Official: Depp's Double

Simon is the only person to be credited as Johnny Depp's photo double for the UK filming of Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. Check for yourself on the Internet Movie Database (Imdb)

Not only is Simon lucky enough to be able to pass for Johnny Depp in looks, but he is also the same size as the Hollywood star from his height down to his hand size. So when you're watching the film you never know when you might be catching a glimpse of Simon.

Amazingly Realistic

Simon has spent many thousands of pounds and countless months of painstaking research to make sure that every aspect of his costumes are as close to the originals as possible - not only the right fabrics, designs and details, but making those look suitably aged and broken down. Would you really want to hire someone who is wearing something you can just buy from a fancy dress shop?

Being such a unique character, you often see impersonators come up with a very over the top, caracature-like "Captain Jack". Simon makes his characterisation as real to life as possible, as if Johnny Depp has walked off the film set.

ee why Simon has more than a quarter of a million followers on his popular Facebook Page

Whether it's through pictures, videos or just keeping his fans up to date with his latest goings on, working with Simon can open your event up to a whole new global audience.


£300 P/h

Rebecca Couzens

Rebecca is known for her dedication to roles. from the finest nuances of an accent to the delicate detail of each costume. look no futher if you want the 'Real Deal'

Since Rebecca opened Princess Academy, she has been looking for more roles to expand her vast impersonation skill set and Marilyn is the newest and most exciting yet.

Her old school wit and beautiful singing voice capture the hearts of hundreds. whilst maintaining the spirit and passion of Marilyn.

          'Rebeccas voice hung in the air like silver' 
                          'She is the real deal'
 'From start to finish, the interaction with all our guests                                  was wonderful!'

                     Other impersonations such as:    

Doris Day

Judy Garland

Betty Boop

Dolly Parton
Musical Theatre Cabaret



30 minute live show - £150
meet, greet and mingle - £100 Per hour

photoshoots - £100 Per hour

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